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Bozeman Health Foundation

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Bozeman Health Foundation

Generating Financial Support for Exceptional Health Services

Bozeman Health is a not-for-profit health system dependent on the Bozeman Health Foundation to generate the crucial financial support necessary to provide our exceptional health services. The foundation was formed in 1998, providing nearly 20 years of faithful financial funding to our expansive health system in Bozeman, MT and surrounding areas. Overall, the foundation plays an integral part of Bozeman Health’s mission to provide improved quality of life and health for our community and region.

While our hospital was originally founded in 1911, much has changed in the field of medicine. This has required Bozeman Health to adjust and expand our health services throughout the decades, ensuring we always offer our patients state-of-the-art, cutting-edge medical care for optimal outcomes. The Bozeman Health Foundation equips our health system to maintain continuous growth, innovative health care services, and remain on top of the latest technology. The foundation has successfully raised more than $20 million for our health system and continues to develop key philanthropic partnerships to meet the long-term health needs of our community.

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