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April is National Kidney Month, and Bozeman Deaconess Health Services encourages you to maintain your kidney health. More than 26 million American adults have chronic kidney disease (CKD), and most don’t even know it. Millions of others are at increased risk for developing CKD and its complications.

CKD increases your chance of premature death, according to the National Kidney Foundation, because people with CKD are more likely to develop heart and blood vessel disease. People with diabetes, hypertension or a family history of CKD are at increased risk.

Good kidney function is important because your kidneys keep your body healthy by balancing your fluids and filtering out excess in the form of one to two quarts of urine a day. Your kidneys also regulate important minerals in your blood, such as sodium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium; remove drugs, toxins and waste produced by the breakdown of food and normal muscle activity from your blood; and release hormones into your blood that control blood pressure, make red blood cells and keep your bones healthy.

Symptoms of CKD may include less energy, trouble thinking clearly, poor appetite, trouble sleeping, dry and itchy skin, muscle cramping at night, swollen feet and ankles, puffiness around your eyes and the need to urinate more often.

Dr. Gerald Groggel at Bozeman Deaconess Nephrology can perform simple tests to see if you have CKD. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 414-2410.
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