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Individuals with changes in physical function resulting from spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis and other neuro-degenerative diseases benefit from specialized treatment.

Thats why were happy to have Lisa Marie Todd, MD, who is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, practicing at Bozeman Deaconess Internal
Medicine Associates.

Changes in physical function affect many areas of an individuals life. Dr. Todd supports her patients physical abilities with the goal to retain as much independence as possible and promote overall health.

Dr. Todd works with patients by addressing needs for assistive devices, bracing, medication management and coordination with therapy interventions to
maximize physical function. She also addresses spasticity, neurogenic bladder, neurogenic bowel, cognitive changes and adjustment issues.

Shes a welcomed resource to our community and can make a difference in patients lives. For a referral to Dr. Todd, please speak with your primary care physician.
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