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Bozeman Dea¬coness Synergy Medical Spa + Weight Loss Center is offer¬ing a new de-toxifying mas¬sage technique that will help clean out your system and expel lingering chemicals.

Lymphatic Drainage with Reflexology Massage is performed by licensed massage therapists Magen Benzinger and Richelle Cannon, who were recently trained in the procedure. The 75-minute treatment is especially helpful to people who have finished cancer treatment at least six months previously, but also benefits those who have had a cold or the flu.

“This massage cleans out any medi¬cations you have been on,” said Benz¬inger. “It’s also great for auto-immune conditions like chronic fatigue syn¬drome or fibromyalgia. It can be used as a seasonal immune system tune-up, or to help those with generally weak or sluggish immune systems.”

“This practice also benefits women planning on getting pregnant because it cleans out the system before con¬ception,” added Cannon. “It helps with weight loss as it promotes wa¬ter weight expulsion. And it’s good for post-surgical swelling and sports injuries, because it speeds the healing process.”

The protocol combines a basic lymphatic massage with hot castor oil packs on the abdomen and feet and detoxifying foot reflexology for a potent cleanse to the body, despite its very light touch. The goal is to open the lymph channels and push lymph fluid toward the lymph nodes so the body can expel it naturally.

Lymphatic Drainage massage can be done on children as young as two years old, but is not recommended for the elderly, pregnant women, those with a fever or experiencing an auto-immune or arthritis flare-up. The thera¬pists also caution that most clients feel poorly the following day, as the toxic fluids exit the system, but they soon feel great.
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