Diabetes and Nutrition Center

Who We Are

Living with diabetes presents day-to-day challenges. Left untreated, diabetes can cause serious health problems that over time may affect body systems from head to toe. With diligent self-management, however, individuals may be able to prevent or delay these health problems.

Bozeman Health Diabetes and Nutrition Center offers comprehensive diabetes management, care and support to help individuals of all ages, including pediatric patients, prevent or manage their diabetes. We work closely with patients, families, primary care physicians, other referring physicians and healthcare professionals to meet the complex needs of individuals with diabetes. Our patient-centered program focuses on clinical, educational and psychosocial needs. Ultimately, our goal is to help patients minimize the devastating complications of diabetes through diligent disease management.

The providers at Bozeman Health Diabetes and Nutrition Center provide a full complement of clinical and support services aimed at helping individuals manage this complex and chronic disease. We work with adults and children, families and pregnant women, including women with diabetes related to pregnancy.

All services require a physician referral. Most health insurance plans, including Medicare, provide coverage for diabetes care and education when services are prescribed by your physician.