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Diabetes Self-Management Education Classes

Diabetes education classes are held at Bozeman Health. Registration and a physician’s referral are required for insurance reimbursement. Not all insurance companies cover education services: pre-approval is recommended. Please call 406-414-5331 to register or for more information.

Comprehensive Diabetes Education: Whether you have been recently diagnosed or have lived with diabetes for many years, ongoing education is essential to maintaining good health. The more you know about your diabetes, the more effective you will be in controlling it. The following education programs are designed using national diabetes education standards to help you successfully manage your diabetes.

Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes Self-Management: This two-part class is for individuals interested in learning how to prevent progression to diabetes or manage their diabetes, care for themselves, and control blood glucose levels. Participants will learn how and when to monitor blood sugar levels and interpret results, how food affects blood sugar, tips for weight management, healthy food choices and how to begin a safe exercise program.

This program has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). If you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, start with this class.

Diabetes Nutrition 101 and Counting Carbohydrates: This class covers basic information including when, what and how much to eat to manage your diabetes. It also includes basic training on carbohydrate counting, including hands-on practice to help understand the impact of food on blood sugar.

There are currently no dates scheduled for this event.