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Diabetes Center + Nutrition Specialists

Our Services

Bozeman Health Diabetes and Nutrition Center provides a full complement of clinical and support services aimed at helping individuals manage this complex and chronic disease. We work with adults and children of all ages, families and pregnant women (including women with diabetes related to pregnancy). All services require a physician referral.

Our Services

Medical Consultation

Your primary care provider may refer you to one of our providers for a diabetes consult or to transfer the care of your diabetes. At your initial appointment, the provider will review your responses on our history form as well as information provided by your primary care provider. We follow patients with many types of diabetes and develop an individual treatment plan.

At each appointment, the nursing staff will complete intake including downloading of your blood glucose meter or insulin pump. If needed, you will be referred to a diabetes educator if approved by your insurance carrier. We also have group education classes.

Comprehensive Self-Management Education

Our education program is recognized through the American Diabetes Association. We offer education on the following topics, as required by the ADA: understanding the diabetes disease process and treatment options; nutrition; physical activity; diabetes medications; monitoring blood glucose; preventing and treating acute and chronic complications; developing personal strategies to address psychosocial concerns; behavior change.

Initially we review the patient‘s understanding of diabetes and provide individual education based on patient needs. Medication training such as how to take insulin or other injectable medications is provided on an individual basis. Individual education is also provided for continuous infusion insulin pump training and continuous glucose monitoring.

Our group classes also discuss all topics above. Patients’ questions are answered and more detailed information is provided as needed.

It is important for patients to check with their insurance company to determine coverage of individual and group education.

Support Groups for Adults

Support is provided through quarterly education offerings. In addition, we provide information on patient- and parent-led support groups in Bozeman.

Medical Nutritional Therapy and Counseling

One-on-One nutrition education and counseling with a registered dietitian is available in addition to group classes. Topics may include basic principles of nutrition including how food affects blood glucose, carbohydrate counting, glycemic index and portion control. Additional topics regarding fats, protein and sodium in diet are reviewed with the patient as needed.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Our clinic offers continuous glucose monitoring technology with the Medtronic IPro2 CGM, with a referral from your provider. This is a three-day study where a sensor is inserted into the body. Patients are then required to test blood glucose four times per day and record food intake and medication. This service is covered by most insurance companies; however, it is best for the patient to confirm reimbursement before service is completed. Once the study is completed, data is shared with one of the diabetes center providers or the patient’s primary caregiver, as ordered by referring provider. Patients may also be trained on the use of a continuous glucose monitor for use at home to intensively manage their diabetes.

Coordination with Referring Physician to Assure Continuity of Care

Our services require a referral from the primary care provider. Documentation of education is sent to the referring provider.