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Diabetes & Nutrition Center



This comprehensive 10 month weight loss program offering 16 weekly lifestyle classes and 6 monthly follow-up meetings is designed to help you maintain your success.

The program is based on the National Diabetes Prevention Program Protocol to help prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Our coaches provide the education and support to help you make lifestyle changes. The program has had proven results, with participants averaging a 7% weight loss and 150 minutes activity per week.

Classes, limited to 40 participants, are offered by Bozeman Health Nutrition Specialists at Bozeman Health Diabetes and Nutrition Center. Call 406-414-5331 for the next start date and to register.

Cost: $150 with a $50 refund to participants who complete the full 10 month program.

ActNOW! is sponsored by Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital through a grant from the Montana Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Prevention Project.

Participants will have access to Bozeman Health Nutrition Specialists to help them lose the weight they have wanted to shed for years. When you enroll in this program, you get two one-on-one consults with a nutrition specialist and weekly classes to help you begin and maintain success with a healthy new standard of living. Don’t let life pass you by, get on the right track and live well now! Cost: $160 for 2 individual sessions and 2 group sessions; weekly group program: $25 per month