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Family Birth Center

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Pre-Natal Education

Before a mom-to-be is admitted to the Family Birth Center, she has many decisions to make. We ensure you are aware of your choices, help you with making those decisions, and work hard to fulfill your wishes. We offer tours, educations, breast feeding courses and sibling classes.

Prospective parent tours, visiting our birthing and postpartum rooms with customized beds and other comforts, are offered every month. A childbirth course is taught by experienced nurses, covering prenatal health and the challenges of pregnancy, caring for a newborn, and everything in between.

Prenatal breastfeeding classes taught by certified lactation counselors share tips and techniques for successfully feeding your newborn. A new baby also means life changes for older siblings, so we offer classes for expectant brothers and sisters, which cover what they can expect and how they can help.

Giving Birth at Family Birth Center

While in labor, your safety and comfort is our utmost priority. We'll accommodate your requests to the best of our ability.

Other than lighting candles, almost every other reasonable request can be granted. The Family Birth Center staff offer stress-reducing options such as whirlpool spa, aromatherapy and a variety of ways to help control pain. We offer wireless telemetry for fetal vital sign monitoring so you are not confined to bed. We provide care from experienced, understanding nurses who remain with you through delivery.

Along with our six comfortable and high-tech birthing rooms, we are there with all the bells and whistles if needed. We have one surgical suite dedicated to labor and delivery for complicated births. Prior to delivery, we encourage you to be up and moving, walking the hallways and stairways, sitting on the doula ball, and relaxing in a Jacuzzi tub to help get your baby in the right position, and help pass the time while distracting you from your contractions.

Nurse with Patient and baby

Natural Childbirth

If you wish for a birth without medication or intervention, our nurses are trained to assist you. They'll guide you to find positions that encourage optimal movement of your baby, offer breathing techniques to stay focused, and suggest alternative comfort measures like massage. Round-the-clock anesthesia coverage is available in the event that pain medication is desired. If necessary for mom to be monitored continuously, wireless monitors ensure mom's mobility and allow her to still use the tub.

An operating suite is connected to labor and delivery and a specialized staff of obstetricians and anesthesiologists are available immediately in an emergency.

Since your experience does not end in the labor and delivery suite, the postpartum unit is a place of comfort where parents can bond with their new infants in a nurturing environment. Our nurses stand ready to help. Whether it's a massage to help you sleep or teaching infant care, you can count on our experienced staff's dedication to their patients. Lactation consultants are available to answer your questions and help with breastfeeding if needed. Breastfeeding support is also available even after you go home. Our staff is committed to making your birthing experience a memory you will cherish for a lifetime.

With electronic health records, information can be accessed by your healthcare professionals via computer through secure internet access. Updates are immediate. This helps ensure more accessible documentation for mother and baby in a less intrusive manner.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide was recently approved for use during childbirth in the United States after having been used for many years in Europe. Bozeman Health Family Birth Center is proud to offer Nitrous Oxide as an option during childbirth. The biggest benefit of Nitrous is that it is self administered and does not enter the baby's system. We produced the video below to provide additional information about the use of Nitrous Oxide.

Once Your Baby is Born

We give new families a great start through family-centered care. We encourage 24 hour rooming in, where you and your baby stay together. A special person (husband, partner, birth coach, etc.) may stay overnight with you and your baby. Should your baby be unable to room in due to medical needs, our 24-hour special care nursery is staffed by experienced, compassionate nurses.

Lactation Consultants

You may find that you have questions or concerns while breastfeeding. Bozeman Health is pleased to offer personal counseling provided by an obstetrics nurse specially trained and certified in lactation right in your room every single day.

New families-to-be can look forward to ongoing support for mother and baby after you go home. If feeding your newborn becomes an issue, you can receive follow-up care and assistance at the hospital with our lactation consultants, who can be reached at 406-414-5578 during the day or 406-414-5586 at night. We look forward to caring for you and your baby.