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Family Birth Center

Our approach to your care is family-centered, considering the needs of every family member while focusing on mother and baby. We want to help you and your loved ones celebrate this new addition to your family with comfort and confidence.

Our eight private birth suites provide a soothing environment, are fully equipped with comfortable birthing beds and other technology to help with delivery, feature entertainment systems, and several have spa tubs.

More than a dozen physicians who are board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, along with two nurse-midwives and several family medicine physicians and over 100 nurses, assist in the birth of babies at Bozeman Health Family Birth Center. Many of our nurses have completed specialized education and achieved national certification in their fields. We offer personal, intimate care for expectant and new mothers, as well as for babies born needing specialized care, and for healthy babies.

Meet our midwives

Our Services

Prenatal Education

  • Family Birth Center tour
  • Childbirth education class
  • Prenatal breastfeeding

Visit our events calendar for details and dates.

Giving Birth

The Family Birth Center staff offer stress-reducing options such as a whirlpool spa, aromatherapy and a variety of ways to help control pain. We provide wireless fetal vital sign monitoring so you are not confined to bed. We provide care from experienced, understanding nurses who remain with you through delivery.

  • Six comfortable and high-tech birthing rooms
  • Surgical suite dedicated to labor and delivery for cesarean births
  • Jacuzzi tubs
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Lactation support
    Day: 406-414-5578
    Night: 406-414-5586

Natural Childbirth

Our nurses will guide you to find positions that get your baby into the right position, offer breathing techniques to stay focused, and suggest alternative comfort measures like massage. Round-the-clock anesthesia coverage is available in the event that pain medication is desired.

Postpartum Care

We encourage 24-hour rooming in, where you and your baby stay together. A special person (husband, partner, birth coach, etc.) may stay overnight. If your baby is unable to stay in your room due to medical needs, our 24-hour special care nursery is staffed by experienced, compassionate nurses.

  • Massage
  • Newborn care support
  • Lactation consultants and breastfeeding support after you go home

Diagnostic & Treatment

Some of what we offer includes:

  • Ultrasound to check fetal well-being, amount of amnionic fluid, head position/placement, and more.
  • Vitamin K is given at delivery to help prevent bleeding in the newborn.
  • Parents can choose to start hepatitis immunization series on their newborn.
  • Telemedicine consultation with heart-lung specialists when needed.
  • Hearing screening and audiology referral if necessary.
  • Baby's first photo
    • We partner with Bella Baby Photography to take baby’s first photo. Ask your nurse for details and contact information. View your baby’s first portrait photos at the Bella Baby website. Online viewing and ordering is password protected and only available to those you choose to share your unique password with.

Planning Your Pregnancy

Setting up Prenatal Care

Visit the Family Birth Center Health Education and events page to review and sign up for the classes we offer, including childbirth and prenatal breastfeeding classes, tours, and other family classes. Or call 406-414-5578 for more information.

Choosing a Provider for Your Baby

During your hospital stay your newborn will be looked after by the hospital's on-call pediatrician. After your discharge from the hospital, you will need to make an appointment with a pediatrician or provider of your choice for follow-up care for your baby. Please try to choose your child's provider prior to your delivery date if you do not plan to continue seeking care through Bozeman Health Family Pediatrics 406-414-4900.

Prenatal Education

Before a mom-to-be is admitted to the Family Birth Center, she has many decisions to make. We ensure you are aware of your choices, help you with making those decisions and work hard to fulfill your wishes. We offer tours, education, breastfeeding courses, and sibling classes.

Prospective parent tours, visiting our birthing and postpartum rooms with customized beds and other comforts, are offered every month. A childbirth course is taught by experienced nurses, covering prenatal health and the challenges of pregnancy, caring for a newborn, and everything in between.

Prenatal breastfeeding classes taught by certified lactation counselors share tips and techniques for successfully feeding your newborn. A new baby also means life changes for older siblings, so we offer classes for expectant brothers and sisters, which cover what they can expect and how they can help.

Additional Resources

Planning for Your Delivery

Information During Your Stay

Nitrous Oxide Video


The state will not accept any form of paternity acknowledgment or refusal that is signed and dated prior to the date and time of the child's birth. This paperwork is printed along with the birth certificate following delivery. Parent(s) are responsible for completing the unsigned documents, getting them notarized, and mailing them to the state office.

Montana Paternity Information

If you are interested in confirming the paternity DNA of your child, you can do so by completing the following steps.

  1. Please call one of the following distribution companies to obtain a paternity DNA kit: Rosche 800-334-5461 or DNA Diagnostics 800-833-2649.
  2. After receiving the kit, a parent needs to call 406-414-1010 to make an appointment with the Bozeman Health Lab located on 19th Avenue. The lab will help collect the DNA and send the kit back to the company. The company will then contact the parent(s) with the results of the test.

Postpartum Resources

Important Contact Information

Prior to your admission, a representative from Patient Financial Services may contact you to assist with your insurance benefits and/or payment arrangements.

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