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Family Birth Center

Patient Education & Resources

Planning Your Pregnancy

Setting up Prenatal Care

  • Bozeman Health Women’s Specialists 406-414-5150
  • Bozeman Health Family Medicine 406-414-5700

Visit the Family Birth Center Health Education and events page to review and sign up for the classes we offer, including childbirth and prenatal breastfeeding classes, tours, and other family classes. – or call 406-414-5578 for more information. You can also call us directly to see if you can be added to a tour that is listed as being full.

Choosing a Provider for Your Baby

During your hospital stay your newborn will be looked after by the hospital’s pediatrician-on-call. After your discharge from the hospital, you will need to make an appointment with a pediatrician or provider of your choice for follow-up care for your baby. Please try to choose your child’s provider prior to your delivery date if you do not plan to continue seeking care through Bozeman Health Family Pediatrics 406-414-4900.

Planning for Your Delivery

Information During Your Stay

Other Resources

Nitrous Oxide Video

Roots Wellness Guide 2019 Resources for Pregnancy to Parenthood

The state will not accept any form of paternity acknowledgment or refusal that is signed and dated prior to the date and time of the child’s birth. This paperwork is printed along with the birth certificate following delivery. Parent (s) are responsible for completing the un-signed documents, getting them notarized, and mailed in to the state office.

Montana Paternity Information

If you are interested in confirming the paternity DNA of your child you can do so by completing the following steps.

  1. Please call one of the following distribution companies to obtain a Paternity DNA Kit: Rosche 1-800-334-5461 or DNA Diagnostics 1-800-833-2649
  2. After receiving the kit, a parent needs to call 406-414-1010 to make an appointment with the Bozeman Health Lab located on 19th Avenue. The lab will help collect the DNA and send the kit back to the company. The company will then contact the parent(s) with the results of the test.

Postpartum Resources

Important Contact Information

Prior to your admission, a representative from Patient Financial Services may contact you to assist with your insurance benefits and/or payment arrangements.