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HealthCare Connections Mobile Health Screenings

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HealthCare Connections Mobile Health Screenings

Health Care Connections Bus

HealthCare Connections (HCC) is Bozeman Health’s mobile outreach program that offers screenings for breast and colon cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, bone density, obesity, and HIV and HepC. Additionally, HCC offers select vaccinations including Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), pneumonia, and flu. We provide convenient access throughout Bozeman Health’s service area in southwest Montana and offer all screenings free of charge.

Connecting to Care

As the name suggests, HealthCare Connections is all about connecting people to care. Depending on the type of screening, clients may receive their results either at the time of service or in the mail and are encouraged to share them with their primary care provider. If a client does not have a primary care provider, they receive a list of nearby clinics and the names of local providers with contact information. Although HealthCare Connections is a program of Bozeman Health, clients are not expected to establish care at one of our locations. Rather, referrals are made considering location, need, and availability.


HealthCare Connections makes at least 30 stops a year and has, so far, had well over 3,000 client visits and performed over 15,000 screenings. We reach people who might not otherwise receive such services. Sometimes, it’s a person who has not prioritized getting screened or immunized, but when it’s made available, they take advantage of the opportunity. Other times it might be someone who doesn’t have transportation or lives in a remote location where it’s not easy to access a health care facility.

HealthCare Connections 2018 Schedule (July-Dec)

HealthCare Connections 2018 Schedule (July-Dec) - Spanish.


Do I need an appointment to visit HealthCare Connections?
No, anyone can walk up for screenings with HealthCare Connection and clients will be seen on a first come first serve basis.

Do I need to fast before my visit?
No, the HealthCare Connections blood draw is a non-fasting blood draw.