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Travel Medicine


Traveling soon? Travel prepared!

Whether you are in need of immunizations for traveling abroad, getting ready to go to college or camp, or volunteering for missionary or humanitarian work, we can help you protect your health. We provide comprehensive pre- and post-travel consultations and all required travel vaccinations.

Travelers should consider vaccines as the first priority to traveling safely. Depending on your destination, many different types of vaccines might be required or recommended, including ensuring you are up-to-date with routine immunizations. Other factors such as age, pre-existing conditions and purpose for visit will determine what immunizations you may need and what precautions should be taken.

You should make a travel clinic appointment 4–6 weeks before departure because you may need a series of immunizations or the recommended vaccine does not take effect immediately.

More than 45% of travelers will face illness during an out-of-country journey, so our focus is on education and medical guidance to keep you healthy and safe while traveling. Our highly qualified and experienced physician makes sure you know enough so you can better prevent potential infections and diseases while abroad.

Our travel medicine physician is equipped to diagnose and treat unusual illnesses caused by parasites not seen in the United States. With the availability of the internet, there is a network of Travel Clinics that can be accessed from most parts of the world, thereby assuring the best and most current information in prevention and treatment of rare illnesses.