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Journey to Nursing Excellence

Our nurses are among the best of the best and they believe that every patient who walks through our doors deserves a safe, healing environment. That’s why our nurses are continuously improving their practice by striving for a culture of excellence– a culture in which all patients receive extraordinary care at every encounter. Our group of dedicated nurses is constantly evolving to enhance the patient experience while simultaneously delivering safe clinical care. Nurses base their practice on current evidence and generate new knowledge to advance practice globally. Bozeman Health's nurses expect the extraordinary.

Notes from the CNO, Vickie Groeneweg

As we are all well aware, the delivery of healthcare is in a state of rapid and constant change. However, the one “constant unchanging” element of this complex environment is the patient and their need for nursing care. People will always seek care in times of health need or crisis.

At Bozeman Health, over 500 LPN’s, RN’s and APRN’s are prepared to provide a healing environment through excellence in nursing science and the art of caring. This dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing safe, quality, compassionate care that is centered on the patient and their family.

Daily, I hear stories about the tremendous difference our nurses have made in the patient’s life and am grateful for this team of competent, compassionate professionals who work together to provide a healing environment from the beginning of life through a dignified death.