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Mission, Vision, Values, Culture, Philosophy


To improve community health and quality of life by providing a healing environment.


To be a leading integrated health system ranked in the top 10% in the nation by being a passionate team of nursing professionals driving excellence with quality, safety, and compassion.


SPIRIT : S ervice, P eople, I ntegrity, R espect, I mprovement and T eamwork.

  • S ervice: we believe service excellence is critical to our mission
  • P eople: we believe people are our most important resource
  • I ntegrity: we believe relationships are built on honesty and trust
  • R espect: we believe each person is unique and worthy of respect
  • I mprovement: we believe continuous improvement of quality and safety is key to our success
  • T eamwork: we believe teamwork and communication are essential in achieving excellence


Bozeman Health’s Culture of Excellence provides a framework for how we live and work and describes organizational attributes that inform who we are:

  • Performance: recognizing and rewarding high performance
  • Communication: engaging in transparent and timely information sharing
  • Development: demonstrating dynamic learning and teaching
  • Resiliency: excelling in change through adaptability, self-care and collaboration
  • Appreciation: expressing caring and gratitude
  • Joy: experiencing and sharing joy

Nursing Philosophy

Nursing at Bozeman Health is practiced through patient-centered caring relationships, utilizing clinical judgment and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities and populations to promote, improve, maintain, or recover health, to cope with health problems and to achieve the best possible quality of life, whatever the disease or disability, from the beginning of life all the way through a dignified death.

Competence and critical thinking, framed in the nursing process, demonstrate the practice of nursing. The nurse will utilize each of the 6 components in the nursing process: assessment, diagnosis, outcomes identification, planning, implementation and evaluation to provide and promote a healing environment. Members of the Division of Nursing are committed to resource driven practice to accomplish evidence-based care and outcomes while working collaboratively with other health professionals.

As members of the profession of nursing, we are accountable to the role expectations that are delineated in the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) Scope and Standards of Professional Nursing Practice, the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses and the Montana Nurse Practice Act.