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Surgical Services

Same Day Surgery Center

Bozeman Health Same Day Surgery Center provides a variety of surgical services downtown at Bozeman's Medical Arts Building. Thanks to numerous advances in surgical and anesthetic techniques, over 50% of all surgical procedures are now performed on an outpatient basis. Since 1985, we have been serving outpatient surgical needs of patients and their physicians from Bozeman and all of Southwest Montana. We are a small, personalized facility. We offer a competent, caring staff--well trained in modern technology, but retaining an all-important human touch.

Our affiliated surgeons perform a wide variety of procedures in various medical specialties. The following is a partial list of surgeries done at SDSC:

  • Ophthalmic Procedures:

    • Cataracts
    • Glaucoma
    • Eyelids
    • Strabismus
    • Tear Duct Probing
    • Gynecologic Procedures

    Novasure procedure for heavy periods

    • Laproscopy and hysteroscopy
    • D & C

    Podiatric Procedures:

    • Bunion surgery
    • Hammer toe
  • General Procedures:

    • Hernia repair
    • Biopsies
    • Breast Biopsies

    Hand Procedures:

    • Carpal tunnel repair

    Plastic Procedures:

    • Septo-Rhinoplasty
    • Eyelid Procedures
    • Breast Revisions

Physicians who hold privileges here:

    • Wesley Adams, M.D.
    • J.D. Clark, D.P.M.
    • Patricia Cosgrove, M.D.
    • Lisa Herrygers, M.D.
    • Kristy Moeller, M.D.
    • Jeffrey Peckingpaugh, M.D.
    • Joseph Sheehan, M.D.
    • Russell Swan, M.D.

Bozeman Health Same Day Surgery

TEL: 406-414-1956
300 North Willson Ave,. Suite 600F
Bozeman, MT 59715

Hours: Monday - Thursday :: 6:00 am - 4:00 pm :: Friday 6:00 am - 3:00 pm