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Bozeman Health Telehealth

Bozeman Health is now offering scheduled telehealth appointments via a web-based platform called TruClinic thanks to funding provided by the Bozeman Health Foundation. The Diabetes and Nutrition Center and the Wound and Hyperbaric Center have been piloting the new service with existing patients since late 2016. Other services that have been implementing telemedicine visits into their schedules include cardiology, family medicine, maternal-fetal medicine, and oncology, with other specialties and clinics to follow.

Telehealth in Action

During a telehealth visit, patient and provider “meet” for the same amount of time as they would during an office visit. The patient is checked in by a scheduler after accessing the appropriate virtual waiting room. Patients benefit from the convenience because they do not need to travel to the clinic.

Telehealth in Big Sky

In addition to connecting to the patient’s home, the Diabetes and Nutrition Center and the Wound and Hyperbaric Center are able to offer visits at Big Sky Medical Center for patients who prefer to be in a clinical setting or require additional nursing assistance. All telehealth services will come online in Big Sky as they become available. Bozeman Health is working with other partner health care facilities in the region to connect patients who prefer to be seen at their primary care facility, or whose visit requires additional medical support. See more under participating clinics.

For more information, please call the Bozeman Health Telehealth Program at (406) 414-5008.