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Frequently Asked Telehealth Questions

How does telehealth work and what equipment do I need for a telehealth appointment?

Telehealth is the remote delivery of healthcare services and clinical information using telecommunications technology. You can now have a live video visit with your Bozeman Health medical provider from your local clinic, from home, or on the road (within the state of Montana).

To connect from home, you can use your desktop computer equipped with a camera, a microphone, and an internet connection or a tablet or smartphone. Please check out our Quick Start Guide for more information on how to connect for your first visit.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment by calling your Bozeman Health clinic directly and requesting a telehealth visit.

At the time of your appointment reminder, you will receive a web link via text message or email. This link will be your virtual connection to your provider’s virtual waiting room. You’ll click on the link in the text or email in to be placed into the virtual waiting room at the time of your appointment.

Can I schedule a visit when I am traveling or away from home?

If you are still in the state of Montana, yes. Currently, health care providers at Bozeman Health are not licensed to provide service outside of the state of Montana.

How much does a telehealth appointment cost? Will my insurance cover it?

Telehealth visits are billed and are covered by insurance the same as in-person visits with your provider. There may also be a small telehealth facility fee that not all insurance providers cover when you check in at a local clinic. Ask your plan if code Q3014 is covered for telehealth visits. Both Medicare and Medicaid cover telehealth/telemedicine visits. Medicare patients must go to their local clinic in order for the telehealth visit to be covered.