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Urological Cancers

Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men.
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Bladder cancer occurs when the lining of the bladder, the ureters, or the inside of the kidneys develops a tumor. It is very treatable when discovered early. Early symptoms are blood in the urine, or urgency of urination.

There are two organ systems that rid the body of toxins, the liver and the kidneys. If the lining of the urogenital tract is introduced to tobacco or some chemicals, tumors may develop, most often in the bladder.

The only symptom of early bladder cancer seems very harmless - a trace of blood in the urine. There may be no pain or sickness, and may not be any symptoms at all. Blood in the urine, without other symptoms, should be tested though lab work to rule out bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is very curable if caught early. A simple, minimally invasive procedure will remove the cancer via the opening of the urethra. If not caught early, however, the cancer may move into the deeper tissues of the bladder or beyond, and treatment involves the surgical removal of the entire bladder. Therefore, anybody who has seen even a trace of blood in the urine should seek medical attention immediately.

Testicular cancer is rare and affects mostly adolescents and young adult men. Of those men diagnosed, more than 95 percent of them will be cured because of intense medical research over the last three decades. Early detection is key in testicular cancer, and this is why self-examination is very important.