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Health Fairs, Screenings and Special Presentations

For information: 406-414-1644

At Bozeman Health, our mission is simple: To improve community health and quality of life. Therefore, each year we hold an annual community health fair, along with numerous smaller health fairs and screenings for the community and local businesses and school. We also sponsor and participate in numerous events and community presentations. Our focus is on health promotion, education, and prevention.


  • Active After School Club
    Active After School is a family-centered highly motivational program filled with fun activities, engaging exercises and games, positive encouragement, and goal setting led by certified fitness trainers. Mentors will also be provided to participants for one-on-one attention; helping students gain confidence and strength to achieve healthy personal goals. Our team of dedicated lifestyle coaches will be with you every step of the way to provide support and information to guide you and your family to a healthier lifestyle. Please call the YMCA at 994-YMCA
  • Free Injury Screenings
    The best way to stay healthy is to stay active. We want to help you prevent or treat existing injuries. If you're experiencing joint or muscle pain, let Bozeman Health physical therapists screen you for injuries, offered at either of our two convenient locations.