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Women's Health Education

Bozeman Health
915 Highland Boulevard
Bozeman, MT 59715

Information specifically for women's needs.


  • Active After School Club
    Active After School is a family-centered highly motivational program filled with fun activities, engaging exercises and games, positive encouragement, and goal setting led by certified fitness trainers. Mentors will also be provided to participants for one-on-one attention; helping students gain confidence and strength to achieve healthy personal goals. Our team of dedicated lifestyle coaches will be with you every step of the way to provide support and information to guide you and your family to a healthier lifestyle. Please call the YMCA at 994-YMCA
  • LiveNOW! Information Sheet
    Participants will have access to Bozeman Health Nutrition Specialists to help them lose the weight they have wanted to shed for years.
  • Supersitter Course
    Bozeman Health and child Care Connections have teamed up to teach youth, 11 years and older, the fundamentals of babysitting. The class includes basic guidelines, child development, infant care, first aid, infant and child choking response, and home safety.