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For Our Community

Bozeman Health and Our Community

Bozeman Health is a proud member of the community that we serve. This page highlights some of the initiatives and programs that Bozeman Health currently participates in to help build our community and further our mission of improving community health and quality of life.

Corporate Citizenship Initiatives

Land Stewardship

Bozeman Health takes great pride in caring for natural resources and sharing them with the community. Here is a brief overview of our Land Management Plan.

  • Bozeman Health actively supports community health by providing year-round public recreational access on their privately-owned land across Highland Boulevard from Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital, locally known as the Highland Glen Nature Preserve.
  • As a good neighbor to adjacent landowners, Bozeman Health works hand in hand with generational agricultural lessees and local recreational groups Gallatin Valley Land Trust and Bridger Ski Foundation to implement an adaptive, integrated weed management plan; incorporating mowing, hand-pulling and de-seeding, targeted cattle grazing, herbicide, tillage, and other tools as needed.
  • In partnership with Montana State University, Bozeman Health implements innovative adaptive weed management techniques while carrying out our legal requirement to control noxious weeds with a licensed contractor in order to sustain the land’s ecological health.This weed management plan was created by MSU-Extension with input from a wide variety of stakeholders who enjoy this special area. It is reviewed and updated yearly. Download the current plan.

Economic Impact

  • Bozeman Health is the largest private employer in Gallatin County, directly supporting 1,800 jobs locally, and indirectly 3,190 jobs statewide.
  • Bozeman Health operations invest over $392 million into Montana’s economy.
  • Three large construction projects - Big Sky Medical Center, Belgrade Medical Campus, and Highland Park 5 - are responsible for nearly $70 million of investment in Gallatin and Madison counties in 2015 alone.
  • A cornerstone of a strong local economy, our thriving health care system gives existing residents and businesses looking to locate in Bozeman confidence that quality, accountable care will be available to their families and employees.
  • As a not-for-profit integrated health system, we reinvest any net income into facilities, technology, and health care services for our communities. We also provide medically necessary health care services for all patients, regardless of their financial ability to pay.

This economic development report, conducted by Prospera Business Network at the request of Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital, identifies the significance of the hospital to local and state economies. - Read the Report

Community Leadership

Senior leadership team members at Bozeman Health are proud to give back to the community through leadership and volunteerism on local boards and initiatives. We are honored to have served on these community boards:

Partner Collaboration

Bozeman Public Schools
  • Since 2013, Bozeman Health has sponsored the GoNoodle program for Gallatin Valley teachers and students. An online suite of interactive physical activity breaks, GoNoodle helps teachers engage and motivate students with three to five minutes of moderate to vigorous exercises performed in the classroom. Nearly 200 teachers use GoNoodle to engage more than 5,000 students in healthy activities.
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Bridger Ski Foundation
  • Cross country skiers have access to a wide variety of winter trails conveniently located in Bozeman Health’s privately-owned Highland Glen Nature Preserve due to our hard working partners at the Bridger Ski Foundation. Bozeman Health has generously made this area available for public recreation since 2010.
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Cancer Support Community Community Health Improvement Plan
  • In partnership with the Gallatin City-County Health Department and Community Health Partners, Bozeman Health works with community partners from across the region to address strategic issues including increasing access to care, supporting collaborations between providers and sharing of resources, and encouraging healthy behaviors.
Community Health Partners (CHP)
  • Working together with Community Health Partners (CHP) for nearly 20 years in communities across Southwest Montana allows us to provide access to more services closer to home for our patients. Working closely with CHP allows us to best serve everyone in our communities.
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Gallatin City-County Health Department
  • Improving community health is a team effort. We are honored to join our colleagues at the local health department in sponsoring health data surveys that we collaboratively use along with dozens of community partners to build and implement the Community Health Improvement Plan for Gallatin County.
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Gallatin Valley Land Trust
  • We are proud to partner with the Gallatin Valley Land Trust to provide public recreational access in our privately owned Highland Glen Nature Preserve.
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Montana State University - WWAMI
  • Providing top quality care by highly trained health care staff is a priority at Bozeman Health. To ensure quality health sciences education for future medical providers, Bozeman Health partners with Montana State University to offer clinical opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to receive hands-on experience through internships, clerkships, practicums and professional mentoring. WWAMI is a cooperative program of the University of Washington School of Medicine and the states of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho - the first letter of each state is where WWAMI gets its name.
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