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Bozeman Health MyChart is Coming!


A major improvement in how your healthcare information is handled is coming to Bozeman Health. As of December 6th, all medical providers within the Bozeman Health system—including clinics, hospital staff and community providers—will be upgrading to a new single electronic health record (EHR), called MyChart. This switch will eliminate the use of multiple stand-alone software systems (including the NextGen system currently used by Bozeman Health Medical Clinics) that could not communicate with each other or with the hospital electronic records system and will therefore improving timeliness and contribute to the high quality of care you receive at Bozeman Health.

Access your secure MyChart medical record.

Specifically, what does MyChart means for you, the patient.

Improved Patient Care.

  • Every Bozeman Health provider now has access to a single medical care record for each patient throughout the Bozeman Health network – One Patient, One Chart, One System.
  • This aids in decision making by providers as they now are aware of all clinical alerts, reminders, and medical information throughout the care continuum.
  • An EHR also provides automated clinical decision support. For example, the MyChart EHR keeps a record of a patient's medications and allergies. Each time a new medication is prescribed, the EHR automatically checks for contraindications and warns the provider of potential negative interactions.
  • Real-time reporting of medical care assists individual clinicians with improving the care they provide, leading to improved patient outcomes.
  • With a single EHR, a provider can give patients a comprehensive diagnosis more efficiently, based on full and accurate information, which translates into high-quality care.

Increased Patient Participation.

  • Use of EHRs creates an additional avenue for communication between patients and providers.
  • EHRs help create a more informed and active relationship between patients and providers via the patient’s MyChart portal. MyChart provides secure online access to a patient’s personal health information.
  • MyChart can allow proxy access to your children’s and/or older parents’ personal health information.
  • Patients can request medication refills or send a message to their care team electronically, through the MyChart portal.
  • Using MyChart providers and patients are able to manage appointment schedules electronically and discuss concerns via email.
  • Making communication between patients and their providers simple and easy may help providers catch dangerous symptoms earlier.

Patient Outcome Improvement.

  • Statistics show patients receive better medical care when their providers have complete and accurate information on which to base their decisions.
  • The ability to reference patient health information electronically via a single EHR can expedite diagnoses and reduce or prevent medical errors, thus improving patient outcomes.

Improved Care Coordination Across the Care Continuum.

  • Use of EHRs decreases the fragmentation and disconnection of facts and symptoms. EHRs organize the patient information into a concise approach to patient care, from clinic visit to hospitalization and discharge and through to receipt of quality follow-up care.
  • Immediate access to consultation reports helps prevent the possibility that a specialist would miss a separate but clinically relevant issue being treated by another specialist.
  • Follow-up appointments can be made before the patient is even discharged from the hospital.
  • If you are admitted to the hospital, your primary care provider is able to follow your hospital course and prepare for your discharge ahead of time.
  • Through Care Everywhere, your records can be easily transferred electronically to other Epic systems throughout the world.

As you prepare for a visit to your doctor during the first few weeks of December, please anticipate the potential for a temporary slowdown. We ask that you be patient with us as our staff adjusts to this exciting new change.

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