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Woman Physician of the Year – Pam Hiebert, MD, FACP


Pam Hiebert, MD, FACP, ACP Governor, Montana Chapter, received the 2016 Physician of the Year Award at this year’s Montana Chapter meeting. This award honors an outstanding woman physician with a distinguished career in areas of exceptional patient care, medical education and/or research.

Ann Bukacek, MD, FACP presented the award with these kind words, “What you notice within a short period of time being around Pam Hiebert, MD FACP, is her gregariousness, enthusiasm, optimism, fairness, compassion, and her willingness to consider different points of view. She loves justice”. One of her colleagues from Bozeman had this to say, “She has the ability to convert skeptics to a cause”.

Some of her measurable leadership accomplishments include:

Current ACP Governor, Montana Chapter

Member of the ACP subcommittee for chapter functions and development.

She has undergone training as a “Wellness Champion” with renowned burnout and wellness expert Mark Linzer.

She has attended Washington DC Leadership Day multiple times, including in 2016.

Dr. Hiebert repeatedly has the highest patient satisfaction scores among her Bozeman colleagues. Fellow physicians seek her out to shadow her to try and absorb what she does that is seen as excellence by her patients.

To quote the president of Bozeman Health Medical Group, “Pam’s touch to patients, staff, and coworkers embodies the breadth of Bozeman Health’s mission, to improve community health and quality of life.”
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