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Bozeman Health Notified of Drug Diversion at Billings Clinic


Bozeman, MT [March 28, 2017] — Bozeman Health was notified by Billings Clinic that a Billings Clinic Cardiac Cath Lab nurse was stealing narcotic medications intended for patients. A small number of patients who received care at Billings Clinic during the incident time frame are also believed to have been patients of Bozeman Health. Billings Clinic is contacting all patients who may have been affected via phone and letter. We’re cooperating to support Billings Clinic in this matter and will be contacting any potentially affected Bozeman Health patients as well.

We are confirming that this nurse was never employed at Bozeman Health. Bozeman Health has strict policies regarding drug procurement and inventory control, which includes locked and automated dispensing cabinets with access limited to licensed nursing, respiratory, and pharmacy personnel. Every time a medication is ordered for a patient or procedure, process is followed to ensure the patient is administered the appropriate medication, with immediate documentation in the patient’s electronic health record. Daily disbursement and inventory reports are monitored and reviewed to ensure adherence to process and protocol.

Bozeman Health is committed to the care and safety of our patients and appreciates Billings Clinic’s transparency and collaboration in notifying affected patients in this situation.