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Benefits Open Enrollment


The benefit enrollment site is open and ready……let Open Enrollment begin! You will have until 4pm Monday, November 14, 2016, to complete your enrollment. Once enrollment closes, there will be no further changes allowed to benefits without a qualifying event.

Through the EBenefits site ( , you can enroll in medical, dental, vision, Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts, Supplemental Life and MetLaw pre-paid legal. If you are interested in signing up for American Fidelity Products, there will be a hyperlink to American Fidelity’s enrollment site in EBenefits. If you are interested in signing up for Aflac, you will need to meet with Jeremy Flikkema (539-8282). We will have Jeremy on-site a few times during open enrollment and once we secure those dates with him, we will send an email to everyone.

I was hoping to have the 2017 Benefit Brochure to share with you, but it is still being finalized. As soon as I get that, I will share that with everyone through email. Please refer the past few emails that I have sent to you for information about the benefits. Premiums for each plan can be found on the EBenefits site. On the Human Resources SharePoint page, I have a folder titled 2017 Benefits. In there you will find copies of the open enrollment emails and documents I have shared with you thus far. If you want additional information about the benefits offered, please visit the Benefits page under Human Resources.

To help you along with navigating the open enrollment site, we have attached an EBenefits user guide and some helpful tips below.

Enrollment Tips:

  • Tip #1 – If you want to participate in the Dependent Care or Health Care Flexible Spending Account, you must make an election during open enrollment. Failure to place an enrollment for 2016 will result in no account in the new year. This benefit does not rollover from year to year.
  • Tip #2 – Medical, Dental, Vision, Health Savings Account (different than the Flexible Spending Accounts), life, long term disability, Met Law, Aflac, and American Fidelity will rollover into 2017 for you. This includes current declinations!
  • Tip #3– Do not wait until the last minute to enroll in benefits. All the activity of last minute enrollees tends to cause issues with the site. I think it is Murphy playing tricks!
  • Tip #4 – Even if you are not planning to make any changes to your enrollment, it is strongly encouraged that you log into the site and check your enrollment for accuracy. It is also strongly recommended that you print out a copy of your enrollment statement.
  • Tip #5- If you run into any issues while trying to complete your enrollment, let Human Resources know ASAP. Please do not wait until after the close of Open Enrollment to let us know that you had issues with the enrollment process.

To enroll in Flexible Spending or other benefits, make changes to your current election, or if you are a new participant, log on to From the login page, you’ll enter your username and password under “I am a returning visitor” and click on Login. The username and password would have been something you, the employee, would have set up during last year’s enrollment, or as a new hire. Keep in mind that username and password are case sensitive…..upper case vs lower case. If you are a new participant and have not set up a username and password yet, you will click on Register Now.

If you have forgotten your username and password, the easiest way to reset your login information is through the “Forgot username” link. It is the first option on the right-hand corner of the screen. This will direct you to a new page asking for your last name, date of birth (mm/dd/yy), and your employee ID number (this is the same number used to do NetLearning); click on next. The following page will have you reset your username and password. Click on submit to enter the enrollment site.

A large box will be in the middle of the page titled 2017 Open Enrollment. Click on this box to begin your enrollment. When you are finished, be sure to initial off on your enrollment, submit, and print a copy of your enrollment statement.

Lastly, just a reminder, we will not have the help sessions as we have held in the past. If you need one-on-one assistance with your enrollment, please make an appointment with either Amy Johnson or myself. If you do not make an appointment and come to HR for assistance, you will be directed to the one computer kiosk in our front lobby and will receive limited assistance.

Please contact Human Resources with any questions you may have! Happy Enrolling!!!!!!

2017 EBenefits Enrollment Guide

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