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Providing top-quality care is the focus of every direct care nurse at Bozeman Health. Many also make considerable efforts to advance professionally. To further their professional knowledge and skills, and the practice of nursing as a whole, 31 nurses performed additional projects in 2015 to take a step up the Clinical Advancement Ladder.

The ladder is designed to promote professional growth and advancement for nurses so they become leaders and equal partners in improving patient care, according to Magnet Coordinator Kallie Kujawa. Participants submitted a portfolio of specific work for each level, including community service, research, mentoring, continuing education and more. Kujawa was pleased to announce that for the first time, an employee was recognized as a Clinical Nurse III.

Participants in the 2015 Clinical Ladder came from many nursing areas, including medical and surgical floors, ICU, Family Birth Center, PACU, operating room, emergency department, and the Cancer Center, Cardiology, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Women’s Specialists clinics.

They are:

Clinical Nurse I: Lori Dolan, Michelle Elder, Heidi Godwin, Theresa Hollowell, Amanda Innis, Tera Millier, Miranda Morin, Lisa Riggin, Heather Walsh, Lacy Kay Willhite

Clinical Nurse II: Allison Armitage, Anna Babbitt, Annemarie Bodner, Katherine Cederberg, Kelsey Elkins, Patty Erickson, Krissy Graham, Amanda Happel, Melissa Harrigan, Polly Knuchel, Lora Kruse, Allison Largess, Patricia McCormick, Quinana McGuire, Katy Osterloth, Rebekah Pierce, Rachel Toleno Savage, Jaimie Swandal, Kimberly Todd, Lauren Vinson

Clinical Nurse III: Crystal Skinner
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