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Daisy of a Bozeman Health Nurse


Kimberly Todd BSN, RNC, a nurse in the Family Birth Center, is the latest Bozeman Health nurse to be honored with a Daisy Award. Kimberly has received multiple nominations for a Daisy from her patients, in honor of her passion for maternal and newborn health. Kimberly earned her nursing degree at Montana State University, and joined Bozeman Health in 2004, working in In-Home Services. She has been with the Family Birth Center since 2009.

In one of the many nominations of Kimberly, one patient called her “caring, compassionate, determined and incredibly sweet.” Kimberly demonstrates this daily, but a couple of traits stand out, including mentoring young women through pregnancy and delivery, and teaching modern practices to midwives in central Asia.

One new mother said Kimberly “was an integral piece in the puzzle of our beautiful and perfect birth.” Another mother said she felt “extremely fortunate to have had Kimberly as my nurse” and went on to say that Kimberly “changed my view of modern medicine.”

Many women in their nomination letters stated that Kimberly was an essential part of helping them achieve their desire to have a natural birth. She “created a caregiver-patient bond that I will always remember,” one mother added. Kimberly is an extraordinary nurse for each of her patients and is an invaluable asset to her team in the Family Birth Center.
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