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Spring Into Motion


Bozeman Health Hillcrest Senior Living residents don’t take the importance of health and wellness sitting down. In fact, each spring they “Spring Into Motion” to stay fit.

“Spring Into Motion” is a program developed at Hillcrest to promote wellness through walking and exercise. Each spring, Hillcrest staff and residents team up to see which team can walk the farthest. The program began June 1st and ran through June 29.

“This year we had a record turnout of staff and about the same number of residents who participated,” said LeRoy Wilson, Vice President of Senior Services at Bozeman Health. “We had 49 total walkers, including 19 residents, 27 Hillcrest employees and three Hillcrest vendors. Together, everyone walked 14,606,008 steps for a total of 6,350 miles in less than a month.”

The average total distance per walker was 129.6 miles, or 4.6 miles per day. The top employee walker was Chelsea Koessel, who strode 740,103 steps for a total of 322 miles, averaging 11.5 miles a day.

More remarkably, top resident walker Huguette Coghlan paced 473,067 steps for a total of 206 miles and an average 7.4 miles each day, no mean feat considering she is 91 years old and uses a walker everywhere she goes!

“Huguette shared with me that during this year’s competition she tried to walk between seven and eight miles each day but is now back to her norm of only four to five miles each day,” Wilson smiled. “Huguette’s contagious energy and commitment to walking inspires all of us to work a little harder.”

This year’s theme–walking the “Great Wall of China” and a section of the “Silk Road”–encouraged participants to meet and talk about their walking efforts, show their “progress” on a map of China, and explore fun facts about the “Great Wall of China” and the “Silk Road.”

At the final ice cream social celebration, certificates were presented to all participants and prizes were awarded to the team with the most steps, the top walkers and the most improved walkers.

“This is a great way for us at Hillcrest to promote wellness in a fun and interactive way” Wilson added. “Residents and staff love the intergenerational involvement where they get to know each other a bit better.”


Caption info: Hillcrest resident Huguette Coghlan (left) and Hillcrest employee Chelsea Koessel were the top walkers in the 2016 Spring into Motion competition.

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