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For Our Community

The Finish Line that's Never Reached


As we near the end of 2015, many accomplishments have occurred this past year at Bozeman Health, not the least of which included the name change mid-year. This was done to represent the expanding footprint our healthcare organization has within our community, and the commitment to provide more care to more patients in more places. It is, in essence, reflective of our mission to improve community health and quality of life.

Two other monumental events occurred in 2015 at Bozeman Health. The first was the transition during the first week in December to a new electronic health record, Epic, which consolidates patient records from three separate systems to a single platform. This ‘MyChart’ system ultimately provides a more streamlined integration of patient data, which will lead to a more efficient delivery of care. The second was the opening of the Bozeman Health Big Sky Medical Center, the first new hospital to Montana in decades, which further delivers on our mission for the communities we serve.

In addition to the numerous awards in quality of care that Bozeman Health received the past year, I have had the opportunity to speak personally to many of our patients and hear both the accolades for our staff and physicians but also and just as importantly, the opportunities that still exist to further improve the care offered at Bozeman Health.

To that later point, I am of the opinion that there is a distinct difference between running a race and running a healthcare organization. The goal of a race is to get to the finish line and hopefully be the first to do so.

Our vision at Bozeman Health is to continuously strive to be the best that we can be; #1 in quality, safety and service. Unlike a race, we will never claim victory that we have crossed the finish line. No matter how well you deliver care, how safe you become, and how good the patient experience is, there is ALWAYS room to improve. As our population and community grow, there will always be continued opportunities to live out our core values, focus on our vision, and deliver on our mission.

To that endeavor, we will never cross this finish line, because the race will never end.

As we care for you in 2016, may we aspire to your expectations, as you have inspired us this past year.

Happy New Year to our Southwestern Montana Family.
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