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Bozeman Health Staff Join Iron Cowboy in Fight against Childhood Obesity


What do you say about a man who completed 50 triathlons—2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and 26.2-mile marathon run—in 50 states, in 50 days, to raise awareness about childhood obesity?

“Superhuman goal,” said Dane Sobek, MD, of Bozeman Health Cardiology Clinic, who accompanied Iron Cowboy James Lawrence in his athletic endeavor in Bozeman this summer. “Truly inspirational,” said fellow rider Jason Smith, Executive Vice President of Bozeman Health Foundation. “I just love watching a person who is motivated to help people by example,” added biker Gabor Benda, MD, of Bozeman Clinic.

The Cowboy devised the 50-50-50 Challenge as a fundraiser for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation which promotes saving “America’s health by changing the way people eat.” He raised more than $68,000 for the cause, by enlisting the aid of athletes in every town with an event.

In Bozeman, Dr. Benda and Dr. Sobek made the full 112-mile bike trek while Smith joined at the half-way point. Dr. Sobek also notched 170 laps at the Bozeman Swim Center. The Cowboy completed his Bozeman Iron Man triathlon with a run encircling Bozeman.

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