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One Million Minutes of Physical Activity in Gallatin Valley Elementary Schools


They were told, “Get up and move,” and they did. More than 5,000 students at 23 local elementary schools are celebrating their achievement of one million minutes of physical activity during the school day since the start of the 2014 school year, through the GoNoodle program sponsored by Bozeman Health.

In celebration of Gallatin Valley students' achievement of one million physical activity minutes, GoNoodle and Bozeman Health visited Teacher Meghan Powell's third grade class at ­­­­­­Hawthorne Elementary, a school, and class, with one of the highest participation rates in the region.

GoNoodle helps teachers engage and motivate students with three to five minutes of moderate to vigorous entertaining exercises performed in the classroom that feature high-energy dance music, fitness routines, virtual field trips and physical challenges. Nearly 200 local teachers now use the program, which Bozeman Health has sponsored for the past three years.

Research shows that short bursts of movement throughout the day improve students’ overall health, behavior, focus and cognition. GoNoodle helps students develop faster cognitive processing, increase their focus and improve their academic performance. An independent study found that, nationwide, students who played GoNoodle’s Mega Math Marathon in the 2014-15 school year showed a 50% greater improvement in math scores over students who did not play.

With childhood obesity a leading health issue affecting kids, including physical activity during the school day has become more important than ever. According to the CDC, only one-quarter of youth meet the current recommendation of at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day.
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