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How often do children need to take a bath?


If getting your child to take a bath means a struggle, you’ll be glad to know that a daily bath may not be necessary. How often your child needs a bath depends on your child’s age and activities.

These guidelines from the American Academy of Dermatology can help you determine how often your child age 6 and older needs a bath, along with tips to help you make bath time fun.

Children ages 6 to 11: Guidelines for bathing

Taking a daily bath is fine, but they may not need it. Children aged 6 to 11 need a bath:

  • At least once or twice a week
  • When they get dirty after activities such as playing in mud
  • After being in a pool, lake, ocean, or other body of water
  • When they get sweaty or have body odor
  • As often as directed by a dermatologist if being treated for a skin condition

Tweens and teens: Guidelines for bathing

Thankfully, most kids want to bathe daily once they hit puberty. At this age, kids should:

  • Shower or take a bath daily
  • Wash their face twice a day to remove oil and dirt
  • Take a bath or shower after swimming, playing sports or sweating heavily

If bath time is a struggle, here are some tips on how to make it fun:

Let your child:

  • Play with a favorite (waterproof) toy
  • Listen to favorite stories
  • Read a book made especially for taking into the bathtub
  • Have an adventure that you create with your child to make bath time fun
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