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School soon will be back in session. August is a good time to talk with your children about the challenges a new grade level brings. It’s also a good time to start getting back into the routine of the school day schedule. Here are some ideas for helping students prepare for the new school year:

  • Discuss safe routes to and from school
  • Make sure they know the rules for safely walking, biking or riding the bus to school and back
  • Ask what worries they have about the upcoming school year and offer reassurance
  • New school? Plan a visit with your child so they know where to go that first day
  • Emphasize the positive things about going back to school such as friends, activities and new opportunities, especially for more independence
  • With your child, set up a time and place for getting homework done–same time, same place, every day
  • Talk about safe internet places to use as resources for schoolwork like

Children have a lot on their minds -- schoolwork, social issues and appearance issues just to mention a few. It is normal for your child to be a little anxious, or experience back-to-school “butterflies”. If you're concerned that your child's worries go beyond normal jitters, speak with your child's doctor, teacher, or school counselor.

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