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Weight Loss Programs


Summer is a great time to make lifestyle changes that will improve your health, and help you and your family learn to manage your weight and eat better. The nutritionists on staff at Bozeman Health Diabetes and Nutrition Center offer two lifestyle programs that provide education, motivation and support to help you reach your long-term weight and health goals.

Join LiveNow and shed your extra weight while gaining the tools and support necessary to reach your goals; or if you have lost weight on a meal replacement plan, LiveNow will help you maintain your weight loss as you transition back to real food. Our Nutrition Specialist will set you up for success with two individual consults and weekly group classes to help you develop and maintain a healthy new standard of living. The program costs $160 for the consults and two group sessions, and only $25/month to continue with the weekly group classes.

If you have pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, ActNow is a proven 12-month nutrition and fitness program to help you lose weight, improve your health and reduce your risks for developing diabetes. This weight loss program provides 16 weekly lifestyle classes and eight monthly follow-up meetings designed to help you maintain your success. The program has had proven results, with participants averaging a 7% weight loss. Cost is $150, which includes a 4 month membership to The Ridge. Additionally, those who complete the full program will receive a $50 refund. A physician referral is required.

If you prefer to create a custom program, call one of our Registered Dietitians at 414-5331 or schedule a visit with them at Bozeman Health.

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