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How Nurse's Compassion can Affect Patient Outcomes


With the busy schedules nurses keep, it is easy to get busy doing “our job” and inadvertently forget what is most important to our patients: treating them like individuals. Healthcare workers need to remember that when we are working so closely with people involved in emotional life changing situations, or even normal routine exams, that our patients are in a vulnerable state. Of course, everyone is different, but we need to remember that our job as nurses to show compassion to each and every patient is very important.

Being present and connected with the patient demonstrates that healthcare actually cares for the individual instead of just a number. As nurses, we can help patients heal faster emotionally and physically by providing a compassionate environment.

In healthcare, we see people at their worst times. People are scared and in many cases, their normal routine life has just been changed. Some patients or family members just need to vent and want to be heard; some need a helpful and unintimidating source of information, and some patients just need a shoulder to cry on.

I have had the pleasure of taking care of numerous patients in both outpatient and inpatient settings. In both situations I have noticed that compassion can make a difference in the patient’s and family’s experience. I feel very passionate about trying to provide compassionate care every day and to every patient I interact with.

Here are some of the things that help me as a nurse to promote compassion in the care that I provide:

  • Listen to everything and pay attention
  • Communicate/teach
  • Involve patients and families in care
Take time when interacting or caring for patients
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