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Nursing Pride at Bozeman Health


Nurses are the heart of the hospital. Collaborating with doctors, caring for patients, and educating the communities are just a few of the responsibilities nurses perform on a daily basis. Sometimes being a nurse can be exhausting, however, the knowledge and power to assist with the healing of others is what encourages them during challenging times.

I am a Registered nurse on the Surgical Floor at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital and I am proud to be a member of our dedicated, motivated, and invigorated team. Hospital-wide, we are working hard to improve our care and dedication to the patient experience. We are adjusting our nurse to patient ratios to increase the time that we are able to spend at the bedside of our patients. Our nurses take pride in the delivery of safe, efficient and all-star care.

We work hard to provide a safe environment for our patients while also ensuring an excellent care experience. Our most impressive record to date on the surgical floor is that we have had no patient falls with injury in over 2 years. This record is rivaled by few around the nation. This has been accomplished by meticulous interventions utilized by our team to ensure patient safety. We encourage staff assistance with all ambulation; provide assistive devices such as gait belts and walkers for safe maneuvering. Every member of the team wears locators for easier tracking allowing us to manage and anticipate our patient needs.

Our team dynamics enable our charge nurse to visit with our patients and families daily to ensure that their needs are met and questions are addressed. Not only are we increasing staff size, our unit based councils are also constantly work on improvement projects for both the patient and staff. These teams are improving everyone’s hospital experience - this includes patients, their families, and our team. We provide numerous amenities for our patient’s comfort such as essential oils, pet and music therapies. Sometimes when you are in a susceptible state and need healing and care it’s the small and simple things that will brighten your day. Whether that be given a daily newspaper, a smile or hug from your nurse, a warm blanket, or petting a big fluffy dog - we are here for you and your family at Bozeman Health.
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