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The Spirit of Giving


This fall, I had the opportunity to care for an amazing family at a vulnerable time. A young couple in their early 20's discovered that they were expecting a baby they did not feel they could parent. After exploring their options, they chose the most costly one. They decided, together, to have the baby and give him or her to a family wanting to adopt.

I entered the story when they came into the hospital to birth this baby. They are a beautiful, peaceful, cheerful couple who after deciding to give this rare gift, they discovered an aunt who had experienced a very traumatic fetal loss. This Aunt and Uncle had been passed over for adopting. They had given up hope of having children. Words are not adequate to describe the sweet joys in this birth.

My patient, the mother in labor, was completely engaged in birthing and stated, "I have felt like a surrogate throughout this pregnancy. I have known this baby is not mine to keep". The surrendering parents were calm and confident. They worked through the labor and delivery process with sweat and tears. Together they brought their baby into the world. I was able to support them. It was tender and extraordinary. The new parents felt that their seven long years of brokenness was finally healed. Tears of joy flowed from every eye and every heart was moved.

I love my job. It was a tremendous honor to support this family in joyful sacrificial giving.
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