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Get Covered in 2016


Having healthcare is the law of the land as required by the Affordable Care Act, which put in place comprehensive health insurance reforms to improve access, affordability, and quality in health care for Americans.

The deadline for applying for a new health insurance policy or renewing or changing an existing plan is coming up quickly, with January 31, 2016 the last day to enroll or make changes in your health insurance policy.

You can sign up for an affordable health insurance plan for 2016 that fits your needs and budget through the online Marketplace. All of the more than two dozen Marketplace plans available to Gallatin County residents offer these essential health benefits: doctor visits, prescription drugs, hospital visits, maternity and newborn care and preventive care. Some plans cover other services such as vision, dental or medical management programs.

Monthly premiums, annual deductibles, maximum out-of-pocket expenses and the amount of your premium tax credit all depend on the plan you choose. For more information on plan options or to enroll in or alter an existing policy, visit Remember, you only have until the end of the month before Open Enrollment ends and potential penalties kick in.

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