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Meet Dr. Philip A. Hess


Meet Dr. Philip A. Hess: Bozeman Health Big Sky Medical Center Medical Director

Though he moved here from Alaska, it wasn't exactly a huge leap for Bozeman Health Big Sky Medical Center's director to land in southwest Montana.

Before pursuing a healthcare career in rural Cordova, Alaska (population 2,316), Dr. Philip A. Hess had a family practice in Helena and co-owned a condominium in Big Sky.

“It's where I learned to ski,” Dr. Hess says. “And where my kids learned to ski.”

Now that his two daughters are attending Montana State University, the Big Sky position seemed
uniquely opportune.

“It's a privilege,” Dr. Hess says. “It's like a dream job.”

Being well-acquainted with Montana was only one reason Dr. Hess was chosen for the position,
says Dr. David Chen, Bozeman Health interim dyad president and chief executive officer.

“Dr. Hess is a seasoned clinician trained in family medicine with comprehensive experience
spanning the full spectrum of clinical care from acute emergency and inpatient care to outpatient
care and chronic disease management,” Dr. Chen says.

“He also has considerable experience as a medical director having previously led a physician
group. The constellation of this exceptional skill set, combined with his calm, professional
demeanor makes him the ideal medical director for the challenges and opportunities of leading
Big Sky Medical Center physicians.”

Dr. Hess says he is passionate about access to adequate, quality medical services, particularly in
rural places. He was pleasantly surprised by the scope of the Big Sky facility and is enthusiastic
about the staff that has been assembled.

“I'm really excited to see the staff come together as a brand new team,” he says. “We come
from unique areas of expertise that will be valuable in terms of learning from each other and the
services we are providing.”

Dr. Hess says he brings “a balanced approach to both leadership by example and the ability to
build consensus.”

But, he adds, in the end medical care should focus on patients.

“Most of medicine is about relating to people – listening, reading between the lines, presenting
options, because there's never just one answer,” he says. “It's human art above all.”

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