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Wake up call to parents!


Sleep deprivation is not limited to adults only. It is a widespread problem for children as well. Not getting adequate sleep is associated with problems ranging from decreased school performance and attention and other learning difficulties to obesity, depression and anxiety, and other chronic conditions.

Children’s sleep routines should include a consistent bedtime and adequate hours of sleep every night. That means 10-13 hours a night for preschoolers, 9-11 for elementary school age kids, and 8-10 for teenagers. Also, have them turn off the screens (computer, TV, and yes, even their phones) one hour before bed to help get a good night’s rest. Staying connected and stimulated suppresses production of the natural sleep hormone, melatonin, and makes it harder to get the shut-eye that every healthy body needs.​

For more information, speak with your pediatrician or visit the American Academy of Pediatrics at or

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