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Time for Sports Physicals


Summer is only beginning, but the fall sports season is just around the corner. And that means it’s time for your child’s sports physical exam. Bozeman Health offers two sports physicals, depending on your child’s needs.

  • A sports physical (or pre-participation physical examination) assesses your teen’s health and fitness as it relates to a sport.
  • The Well Child Check comprehensive exam covers your child’s physical and emotional health. Medical history is reviewed and immunizations are updated. It’s the ideal time to discuss questions you have about your child’s health with your physician. This exam may be covered by insurance.

Appointments for either type of sports physicals can be made at these Bozeman Health clinics:

In Bozeman:

Bozeman Health Family Medicine Clinic: 406-414-3133 or 406-414-5700

Bozeman Health Pediatric Clinic: 406-414-4900

Bozeman Health Internal Medicine Clinic: 406-414-2400, 406-414-5533 or 406-414-5506

In Belgrade:

Bozeman Health Belgrade Clinic: 406-414-3334

In Big Sky:

Big Sky Medical Center Family Medicine: 406-995-6995

Sports physical also are available on a walk-in basis only at:

Bozeman Health Urgent Care: 1006 W Main, Bozeman, MT 59715

Check your insurance policy before you specify which examination you want for your child. Some policies may cover a well-child examination, but not a sports physical. Other policies may not cover a well-child check if performed within one year of a previous examination. Most plans have deductibles which must be met before benefits are paid.