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A Secret to Successful Nursing


As a nurse at Bozeman Health Family Birth Center for 10 years, I’ve learned an important secret to successful nursing: What patients don’t realize is that they bring more to our lives as nurses then we do to theirs.

It’s such an honor each day to come to work and get a chance to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s the eye contact, hand holding, tissue given to wipe away tears of joy or sadness and being present that makes each of us strive to be better each and every day.

Safety is always a nurse’s number one priority. When you walk through our hospital doors you become our family. Our goal is to keep you safe through whatever challenges lie ahead.

Safety is a complex thing. It entails multiple disciplines to work as a team and ensure everyone, including the patient, has a voice.

Nurses perform hundreds of tasks daily to ensure your safety. For example, we verify your name, date of birth and allergies before giving every medication. We actively participate in time outs before procedures to ensure all staff agree and address any safety concerns before proceeding. We are trained to always have a questioning attitude. We use a wingman–another nurse–to verify tasks to ensure your safety. We are the patient’s advocate at all times.

The first thing I tell all new nurses is no question is a dumb question–we are dealing with peoples lives.

What the public may not see is when outcomes are out of our hands, when family members are ill, hurt or pass away, nurses also hurt behind closed doors. You have become our family and each day we strive to be better. We learn from every encounter to provide you with the safest and most professional care.

In honor of National Nurses Week, May 6-12th, we invite you to celebrate nurses.

—Ginger Bokma RN, CLC, Safety Coach