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For Patients & Visitors

At Bozeman Health, we know not all healing takes place inside a hospital, or at the hands of a medically trained provider. Sometimes, former patients or members of the general community need additional support, resources and people with whom they can share their situations in life, particularly with others experiencing similar conditions.
That’s why Bozeman Health Spiritual Care sponsors four different groups for people coping with difficulties in their lives. These are Journeys, Share, Suicide Loss/Saving Lives, and Postpartum Support Group. All group meetings and resources are offered free of change.
Unless otherwise indicated, support groups meet at the Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital Conference Center area next to the cafeteria.

Available Support Groups Include:

In addition to our formal support groups, you may ask any staff person at Bozeman Health to assist you in arranging an appointment with a chaplain. All conversations with a chaplain are confidential, and at times, under a seal of confessional privacy. If you prefer, you may arrange a visit with a chaplain by calling the Spiritual Care office at 406-414-5073.

The Hospital Chapel and Healing Garden are open at all times for prayer, meditation or private time for individuals and families. It is an inclusive place welcoming people of all spiritualties or with no spiritual tradition. We invite you to walk around, sit in stillness, and experience peace and healing in this sacred space.

Send a prayer request for yourself or someone you care about to the Spiritual Care Department at Your request will be honored. Please know that your personal information will be confidential to the staff.