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Community Benefit Grants and Sponsorships

We are updating our grants and sponsorship criteria for 2023. Please check back for the new process on or around 1/31/23.

Bozeman Health’s mission is to improve community health and quality of life. We accomplish this, in part, by supporting community-based organizations through grants and sponsorships.

While we would love to fund every application, we have a limited amount of money to distribute each year. Bozeman Health operates on a calendar fiscal year (January to December). Please review definitions below, the applicant eligibility, and evaluation criteria carefully before submitting an application.

About Community Benefit Grants and Sponsorships


The Community Benefit Grants process provides Bozeman Health with an opportunity to respond to requests and partner with eligible organizations whose work is aligned with our Community Benefit priority areas. Specifically, and within that lens, through Community Benefit Grants, Bozeman Health strives to support programming, education, access, and equity initiatives. In-kind donation requests, such as for free lab services, are considered grants. Bozeman Health is only able to award Community Benefit Grants to organizations exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Grant applications that prioritize the top need identified by the 2020 Community Health Needs Assessments and the 2021-2023 Community Benefit Strategic Plans will be given priority. These include Access to Health Care Services, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Behavioral Health, and Injury and Violence.


The sponsorship process provides an opportunity for us to respond to requests from organizations whose work is in alignment with Bozeman Health’s Community Benefit and/or marketing and outreach priorities. Examples of appropriate sponsorship applications include requests related to community events and gatherings, conferences, health programs, print materials, etc.

Applicant Eligibility

In addition to the requirements below, all grants and sponsorships awarded by Bozeman Health must be tobacco-free. This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff and snus, vapes, and any other electronic smoking devices. To be considered, applicants must present Bozeman Health with a draft tobacco-free event* policy before payment will be made. Guidance on tobacco-free policy creation, along with other resources, can be found in the Tobacco-Free Event Tool Kit or by contacting the Chronic Disease Prevention Program at the Gallatin City-County Health Department.

*Exceptions will be granted for events/programs/organizations engaging in specific activities used in connection with the practice of cultural activities by American Indians.

2022 Grants and Sponsorships Application

Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis, following the below schedule. After carefully reviewing the above information, please complete the online application. You cannot save your application once you start. Be sure to attach the following documentation with your application, as applicable:

  • Copy of your Treasury letter certifying your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Completed IRS form W9
  • Draft tobacco-free event policy (if applicable)

We cannot review your application until all documentation has been submitted. The documents listed above must be included with your application.


Reach out to us at or at 414-5548.