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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission Statement

To improve community health and quality of life.

Our Vision Statement

We want to be your partner in health and wellness, compassionately delivering the best care for each person, every time.

Our Values

Bozeman Health values are SPIRIT: Service, People, Integrity, Respect, Improvement and Teamwork

Our Culture

Bozeman Health's Culture of Excellence provides a framework for how we live and work and describes organizational attributes that inform who we are:

  • Performance: recognizing and rewarding high performance
  • Communication: engaging in transparent and timely information sharing
  • Development: demonstrating dynamic learning and teaching
  • Resiliency: excelling in change through adaptability, self-care and collaboration
  • Appreciation: expressing caring and gratitude
  • Joy: experiencing and sharing joy

From our beginnings as a single hospital, we now cover a service area that extends throughout southwestern Montana. Our health system is comprised of two hospitals, several specialty treatment centers, a network of physician and urgent care clinics, outpatient treatment facilities, and retirement and assisted-living facilities, all staffed by hundreds of physicians, nurses, medical assistants, technologists, specialists, experts of many varieties and dedicated professionals.

Our focus can be summarized by three basic purposes:

  • Continue to improve community health through education and prevention
  • Improve convenience and access to healthcare in communities across our region
  • Promote quality, accountability and reliability across our entire integrated health system

We are a nonprofit healthcare provider governed by a community board of directors responsible for overseeing the entire health system. We are the largest private employer in Gallatin Valley with over 2,000 employees.

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital is DNV GL accredited and a verified Level III Trauma Center.

We are truly passionate about helping individuals improve community health and quality of life. As we strive to be a leading integrated health system, our patients are our first priority. When you receive treatment at our facility, you will experience the difference right away. Every patient is treated with respect, care and attention.