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Journeys Bereavement Support Group

Deborah Roys Gertiser, LCPC

This group for anyone coping with a loss is designed to help you find your path on a healing journey during and after loss. The group is facilitated by a licensed bereavement counselor.

Each person’s loss may be different, stemming from loss of health, function, a loved one, financial loss or any type of grief. Participants may express their grief through sadness, guilt, yearning, weeping, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, numbness, anger, shock, confusion and more.

At Journeys, you are not alone. Journeys provides a safe place to tell your story, as many times as you need. You will meet a caring group of people who are experiencing similar feelings.

Due to COVID-19, this support group will be meeting by Zoom for the forseeable future. Please contact facilitator Deb Gertiser at to receive an invite.

Directions to meeting rooms:

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital

915 Highland Blvd.

Bozeman, MT 59715

The Pine Conference Room is near The Bistro on the first floor.

If you park in Lot C off Highland Blvd, go in Entrance 3, take the stairs or elevator down to the first floor and follow signs to go to the blue zone towards the cafeteria. Pine is the first conference room on the right.

If you park in Lot F or G off Old Highland Blvd, enter through Entrance 7 or 8 and go to the blue zone towards to the cafeteria. Pine is the first conference room on the right.

Any volunteer or employee is happy to assist you with wayfinding.

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