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Postpartum Support Group

Is motherhood not what you expected? After giving birth, are you overwhelmed, anxious or worried? Do you feel alone, sad, tired, stressed? Bozeman Health's Postpartum Support Group may help you find your balance after giving birth.

If you are a mother within the first year of postpartum who needs support, you are welcome with or without your baby. You will find encouragement, acceptance and other moms facing similar challenges who share concerns in a supportive space.

Participants discuss self-care techniques to better care for your baby and loved ones, learn about emotional changes that can occur after childbirth, share feelings about motherhood and your baby in a non-judgmental atmosphere and discover other resources that can help with the transition to motherhood.

This facilitated mother-to-mother support group is led by a member of the Bozeman Health Spiritual Care staff. Post Partum care has been identified as an area where additional support can make a great difference in quality of life.

Due to COVID-19, this support group will be meeting by Zoom for the forseeable future. Please contact facilitator Darcy Dobb, LCSW, at for the Zoom link.

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