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Bozeman Health Announces Childcare Partnership with MyVillage

Corporate news | Friday, October 18, 2019

Contact: Lauren Brendel, M.S.

Regional healthcare leader and Gallatin County’s largest private employer, Bozeman Health announced today that it has partnered with MyVillage to bring childcare options to its employee family of nearly 2,400 individuals and their families. MyVillage is a local Montana startup founded by two moms and experienced serial entrepreneurs on a mission to reimagine America’s childcare system.

“We’ve heard from our employees that having childcare options would help alleviate stress and worry that many in our Bozeman Health family struggle with on a consistent basis,” stated John Hill, Bozeman Health president, and CEO. “We know that if we can better care for our employees, our employees can better care for our patients and the communities we serve, enabling Bozeman Health to expand on its mission of improving community and quality of life.”

The partnership with Bozeman Health allows MyVillage to increase the number of in-home childcare providers in and around Gallatin and Park counties and provides Bozeman Health employees with early placement for their children. Initially, Bozeman Health estimates 100 employees will enroll children in MyVillage programs in 2020, with expansion in 2021.

“One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we’ve heard from our employees is the need for childcare,” stated Edie Willey, Bozeman Health chief people officer. “When we looked at all the options, opening a daycare at Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital wasn’t feasible, financially or from a master facility plan perspective. Additionally, we have many employees that live in Livingston, Belgrade, and Manhattan, and this partnership can provide childcare options for families close to their homes.”

MyVillage co-founder and CEO Erica Mackey, who lives in Livingston, said she believes this is the first of many business partnerships the company will announce in the coming months. She said the cost of opening a licensed on-site childcare program at a business for 18 young children is upwards of $120,000 a year—more than most Montana businesses can afford.

“Montana has only enough licensed educators to support 40 percent of the children in need of paid care,” Mackey said. “We’re proud to be the only company creating high-quality early education programs that parents can feel great about while also offering businesses an affordable, high-quality option that supports working parents.”