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Voice Your Opinions about Healthcare in Gallatin County

Community news | Thursday, May 25, 2023

Contact: Brianne Rogers

Health survey arriving in mailboxes soon!

GALLATIN COUNTY, MT [May 25, 2023] — Every three years, Bozeman Health conducts a
Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). Local resident feedback helps identify major health
concerns, gaps in services, and other factors that impact community health. Assessment results
are also used to direct resources to realize the greatest beneficial impact to regional health.

Community members in Gallatin County and residents in one Madison County zip code near Big
Sky may soon be receiving a survey in their mailbox. This survey will be sent to a random sample
of community members and will help identify health services and resources that are needed in the
community. Survey results will be used for strategic planning, grant applications, and investing in
new programs addressing health issues in Gallatin County and the surrounding area.

For the 2023 CHNA, Bozeman Health selected a statewide expert, housed at Montana State
University, to conduct the assessment. “The Montana Office of Rural Health has a long history of
supporting hospitals and the communities they serve in health assessment and strategic planning,
supporting community partnerships, and long-term health system sustainability. Our experience
and position within the state has allowed us to be at the forefront of emerging health needs in
rural communities. Utilizing our expertise and understanding, we strive to bring timely and
effective health information and data driven solutions to the communities we partner with,” said
Natalie Claiborne, Assistant Director, Montana Office of Rural Health.

The CHNA process advances healthcare as a local partnership with the community. Residents can
represent local perspectives on health by completing the survey they may receive in their mailbox.
The survey is designed to take 15 minutes to complete and is available in English and Spanish.
Communities face a large number of complex issues in addressing the health and wellness of their
residents and the local needs assessment is an opportunity to engage in effective problem-solving
that will guide healthcare planning in our community.

Questions about your survey? Call the Montana Office of Rural Health at 406-994-5653.